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When you feel a lot calmer, you know that you can do anything you want, you can achieve anything you want, and you can fill yourself with anything you want.

Enjoy yourself being alive.



Let’s Run Away by elisalala featuring tie topsThe Elder Statesman tie top / Mango black distressed jeans / Geometric jewelry / RumbaTime water resistant watch / Teal jewelry / Paper hat / Smart phone case / Round frame sunglasses / H&M  hair accessory, $2.26 / NARS Cosmetics , $26 / Red lip makeup, $4.50 / RGB red nail polish / Pull&Bear makeup bags and case, $15 / Leah Flores Let’s Run Away - To The Sea



Want Things Wanted by elisalala featuring diamond ringsChristian Louboutin black heels / Chanel  flat / Christian Louboutin  heels / Givenchy leather shoes / Diamond ring
Want Things Wanted by elisalala featuring diamond rings

Christian Louboutin black heels / Chanel flat / Christian Louboutin heels / Givenchy leather shoes / Diamond ring



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I think my generation should move out from Jakarta, and live their lives in other cities, or even countries that may give us time to enjoy and experience life. Jakarta is overrated right now, everyone is there, stuck together. While there are gleaming opportunities here :)



Tracing back vague memories… I regret that I did not take that chance with you. Apparently I did love you back then, I did care about you, but I’m just too afraid of what is becoming or not becoming of us.
poached crested collects by elisalala featuring opal jewelryLanvin sleeveless shirt, $1,710 / Gareth Pugh  / Yves Saint Laurent  / Alexis Bittar opal jewelry / Lalique
poached crested collects by elisalala featuring opal jewelry

Lanvin sleeveless shirt, $1,710 / Gareth Pugh / Yves Saint Laurent / Alexis Bittar opal jewelry / Lalique



Life Search part 1

I’m looking for something.

I’m looking for my long lost passion.

What do I want in life?

Sometimes I find that I love the ideas from other people, about what they want in life.

But a few years back, i do remember that I was so damn determined with what I really want. The pursuit of happiness!
Eventho when I reached what I want, it wasn’t always as perfect as I wanted it to be.

Immaturity is it? Or just lack of patience?

Back then, when my other friends have totally no clue about what they want.

And now? I’m there.

I went to NYC to live the time of my life. Dance my ass off, improved myself and self awareness. Became more commited than ever to pursue my dreams.

Went back home, bumped to the financial family facts.

Decided to stay home, keep parents close, to always be there when needed.

Lost my appetite in pursuing my single greatest dream for my fam’s greater good. Work my ass off to find a suitable company to support my family, financially and mentally with presence.

And again, working my ass off in one of the greatest fmcg companies in the world.

Experienced wonderful extraordinary experiences.

Then luckily, within a year, became the 1st one to move to brand building. So Damn happy about it, and scared at the same time. So scared that when I reached the point where I want the most, there must be somehting that will go wrong.

Well apparently there is. Had a hunch. I just knew about what will happen.

Crazily, after that. I was sooo relieved. I dont know why, but i suppose, there is something that is not suitable for me, that even I, myself, doesnt realize it.
Some heavy burden.

Apparently i think, i did lost my way when too many people interfere with my way of being. Lost my self bing, lost my freedom to express and what i want to be.

Yes, basically I have a strong artist character, that always has the urge to express myself.

But apparently, i just cant.

Have to meet expectations. Have to meet judgements. Have to become something that I am not.

But here, i learn to know myself much better, i learn how to treat myself.

Apparently, i think at the current time,i still need to learn a lot more, dig more, and become more curious.

While they say, they have everything here, true. It’s a good company.
Helps me grow, helps me to find myself.

I do realize I have a passion for beauty, i have a passion or artsy stuff, i love to see beautiful pictures, i love enjoying them, i love to relax, i love guilty pleasures, i love the color black, i know i have taste, and high quality achiever, probably have sparks of mood swings, since I was a kid, I do have talent in arts, in piano, ballet, dancing. Finds playing the piano boring, cannot really stand to sit and practice that many hours, can’t stand listening music for that long period of time, don’t have the genes to guess the right tones of the piano. Never knew how can I do that? How to master that.
Love dancing becauae they have clear directions of what they expect from us, and they let ua improvise to make things look better. Im a fast learner, i pay attention to detail, not just do, but learn until the amall detail on how to perform a specific movement. I have the endurance to complete challenging moves and poses, and i have a high level of loyalty. Im able to “perform” by experience. I love beautiful things. I want to learn how to think and viee from the big picture.
I want that strategic view Skills…

I want a lot of things, will continue tomm okaaayy seee youu




Dove’s New Ad Campaign: Photoshop Trick or Reality Treat?

Dove is back with another installment of its decade-long “Campaign for Real Beauty,” which aims to inspire confidence in women when discussing beauty.

While Dove’s previous efforts (commercials like “Evolution,” “Onslaught,” and “Amy”) were directed at consumers to convince them to rethink their perceptions of beauty, this one targets those who create the ads.

The beauty brand built a Photoshop action, which is a downloadable file that can apply a certain look to an image in one click. This action file, which promised to add a skin-glowing effect to images, was released online in forums where art directors and other photo retouchers would stumble upon it and hopefully download it. In reality though, the action would revert the Photoshopped image to its original state with the tagline, “Don’t manipulate our perceptions of real beauty.” 

What do you guys think? Is Dove making a good point about the beauty industry by targeting photo retouchers?


Photoshop has been the center of controversy for many years. Find out more about this great debate here.



Simply trying to be a good friend. But misunderstood-ed. Ah, maybe should not care at all.